Investex Bank Limited ("investexbank"), formerly B2B Bank Limited, is an International Bank that is licensed by the Financial Services Authority of St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Corporate current account

B2B Bank’s Corporate Current Account is designed to meet the varying needs of high net worth individuals and corporations worldwide. We offer multi-currency accounts as a convenient and secure way to keep and accumulate funds, make payments required for support of the business activity, and receive additional financial services from us.

Features at a glance:

How to apply

We would love to hear from you. A Personal Banker is always available to provide additional information in a prompt and courteous manner.

Contact us as follows:

By Email:
The easiest way to apply is to send us an email to We will promptly send you our simple application form which you can fill in and return to us.

By Phone:
You can start your application by phone.
Call us at +1 784 482 9656, Fax: +1 784 482 9656
Lines are open from 8am to 4pm (time zone or GMT-4) every day except Saturday and Sunday.

By Courier/Express Mail:
You can mail us the application using the following address and by following the instructions below.

Mail to:
B2B Bank Limited
Arnos Vale
Box 2043
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Online Application

Please complete, print, sign, and mail to us via courier or express mail the originals of B2B Bank Limited Application Forms:

  1. Corporate Account Opening Pack
  2. General Terms and Conditions of Services
  3. Corporate Account & Service Application & Maintenance Form
  4. Corporate Personal Profile
  5. Company Signature and Seal Specimen
  6. Remote Account Management Application Form

Accompanied with required documentation for Corporate Account Opening:

Appropriately Certified Copies of Corporate Legal Documents incl. Company stamp/seal where applicable

  1. Certificate of Incorporation/Registration.
  2. Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  3. By-Laws (if applicable).
  4. Resolution of the Board of Directors/ General Banking Resolution/ Minutes of the Meeting/ Power of Attorney (if company has Nominee/Corporate Director), authorizing the account opening and conferring authority on the person(s) who will operate the company’s account.
  5. Declaration of Trust if company has Nominee/Corporate Shareholder (between Nominee/Corporate Shareholder(s) and Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s)).
  6. Appropriate document showing names and addresses of the company’s Director (& Nominee if applicable) and Officers (& Nominees, including Secretary etc., if applicable) (except for publicly traded company).
  7. Document confirming the location of the company’s registered office (if not in Articles).
  8. Share Certificate(s) or equivalent document showing shares ownership/distribution.
  9. If company is more than 12 months old: Certificate of Good Standing or equivalent document confirming that the company remains on the register and is not being closed.
  10. Licence if company’s business require one.

Personal Documents

  1. Proof of Identification: appropriately certified copy of valid passport or national ID for each Authorized Signatory, Officer (if any), Director and Beneficial Owner; showing number and country of issue, issue & expiry dates, signature and photograph of holder, and date& place of birth.
  2. Proof of Address: Original or notarized copy of utility bill, bank reference letter, bank account statement or credit card statement; not more than 3 months old, for each Authorized Signatory, Officer (if any), Director and Beneficial Owner.

Additional Documents

  1. If applicable: appropriately certified copy of Notice of Address or Notice of Change of Address of Registered Office.
  2. If applicable: appropriately certified copy of Certificate of Incumbency.
  3. Copies of corporate legal documents of Nominee/Corporate Director(s)/Partner(s) and Shareholder(s) if it is a legal entity.
  4. A copy of a valid passport or national ID (showing number and country of issue, issue& expiry dates, signature and photograph of holder, and date& place of birth) and utility bill/bank statement/bank reference letter (as a proof of address) for each Nominee/Corporate Director/Partner and Shareholder if it is an individual.
  5. For Bearer Share Companies, appropriately certified copy of a certificate of incumbency from the registered agent confirming the ownership of the bearer share.
  6. For Bearer Shares Companies, appropriately certified copy of the company’s of Register of Charges.

To expedite the application process and obtain a preapproval, we recommend that you send us copies of these application documents ahead of your courier/express mailed package to our email address:

Immediately upon receipt of the account opening documents, one of our personal bankers will contact you.

In the event that the forms are not signed in the presence of a B2B Bank Ltd Officer, and or original documents not presented to such Officer, the signatures and documents must be appropriately certified.